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Welcome to the Essex County Dental Society!

We welcome you to the new and improved website of the Essex County Dental Society. We have streamlined access so no login is required, and improved and updated content. We have made it easier to find information, and link to important resources. We hope you find it a more user friendly environment! 

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Winter Ice
Winter Ice: Photo by Dr. Richard Schonberg


Calendar of Annual Duties and Events

June              Executive Board Meeting (new Board)
                       Make all necessary appointments
                       Announcement of committee appointments by President
                       Outline plans and goals for the year

July                No Meeting Scheduled

August           No Meeting scheduled

September     Executive Board Meeting
                        Review Manual of Operations
                        Follow up on plans and goals for the year
                        Committee Orientation
                        Convene Budget & Finance Committee to prepare new budget
                        Regular Dinner Meeting with Students, NJDA Officers

October          Executive Board Meeting

November      Executive Board Meeting
                                  Receive tentative budget from Budget & Finance Committee 
                                  Select nominations for the ECDS and State Association
                                  Publish a notice in the November Bulletin inviting any member
                                            who wishes to propose a candidate for any office to
                                            make such proposals in writing to the Secretary on or
                                            before the January meeting
                       Regular Dinner Meeting

December      Executive Board Meeting
                                 Approve proposed budget
                                 Nominating Committee Meeting to approve ECDS and State
                                            Association nominations

January         Executive Board Meeting
                       Publish proposed budget an all candidates for election in Bulletin
                       Regular Dinner Meeting
                                  Announce slate of candidates for offices
                       Forward appointees to NJDA State Councils and Sate Association
                                   Nominations to NJDA

February        Executive Board Meeting
                        Nominating petitions signed (at least 45 days prior to Annual Meeting)

March            Executive Board Meeting
                       ANNUAL MEETING
                                  Election of officers and Board
                                  Adoption of Budget

April              Executive Board Meeting

May               Executive Board Meeting
                                 Receive final reports of officers and committees
                      PRESIDENT'S (NJDA) DINNER DANCE
                                 Installation of new officers

1. Budget Committee must set time to meet so a proposed budget can be presented to the
Executive Board at the November Meeting. Board will then approve a tentative budget at
the December meeting so it can be mailed to the general membership. If there is a 
recommendation for any dues increase, it must be included.

2. At the November Board Meeting, the Nominating Committee  (the Executive Board)
should select nominees for Board Positions.

3. In December, the Board should select the final candidates for the ECDS and State 
positions. That slate MUST be presented to the general membership at the January
dinner meeting and in the Bulletin.

4. The Annual Meeting MUST be held in March. The elections and budget are voted on 
and approved at this meeting.